Urban Search And Rescue K-9
P.O. Box 23903, Hilton Head Island, SC 29925-3903 / 843.301.9800

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About Us

Urban Search and Rescue is an all-volunteer K9 Search and Rescue unit headquartered in Hilton Head, SC.  Our K9 handlers are trained to a professional level. 

We are available 24/7, 365 days, for K9 aided search.  There is no cost for our services.  We are able to provide K9 Search and overview, and currently field 16 SAR K9's. 

Our K9's are certified for air scent and cadaver search, trailing, water rescue, and water search training is underway.  Our handlers attend classes for 10 months and are schooled in crime scene preservation, K9 scent theory, land navigation, search management, K9 and human first aid and CPR, blood-born pathogens, NIMS/ICS, decomposition and weather observation among other things.  Special classes are held for airborne and marine operations.  Our handlers can work in the Low Country, mountains, cities, virtually anywhere.

Law enforcement agencies or Emergency Management agencies may contact the Duty Officer at the number on the contacts page for callouts.

We have concentrated on K9 training to this point, we now plan to build our rescue side.  The future sees us acquiring a marine fleet and additional trucks, UAV's and underwater ROV's, and chain saw trucks with lightning.  Further down the road we plan to develop our Heavy Rescue compliment.

At USAR we believe in teamwork and working with other groups and organizations, and promoting the capabilities of K9's for search and rescue and other ways that K9's enrich our lives.  To this end we also support any and all K9 organizations and help them whenever possible.