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USAR K9 Memorial
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K9 Dixie was born in 2002 in the former East Germany.  She is a once in a lifetime dog that has exceeded any expectations and has a work drive that is phenomenal.  Her first training day was in a C5 cargo bay over the Atlantic on her flight to the U.S.  She has a remarkable search career, participating in many searches, some high profile.  She has worked many homicide cases and is especially skilled in cadaver work.  K9 Dixie is certified in Live Find Wilderness Search, Cadaver Search, Trailing, and Water Rescue.  She began Water Search training in 2007.  K9 Dixie resides on Hilton Head Island, SC with her family.  When not working, K9 Dixie enjoys playing with Daddy, rides in her truck, belly rubs, carrots and squeaky toys.

K9 Bubba was born in 2004 in Greensboro, NC at the John Barrett Kennels.  He began training at 3 months and was certified in Live Find Wilderness Search, Cadaver Search, Trailing, and Water Rescue.  He will begin Water Search training in 2008.  K9 Bubba could work with multiple handlers, and had a broad range of actual search experience.  He once alerted on a purse 10 feet below a manhole cover that was taken during an armed robbery 3 months previously.  When not working, K9 Bubba enjoyed spending time with his Daddy, whom he adored.  Smoozing on K9 Dixie was big on his list also.  He enjoyed helping Dad in the office, belly rubs, carrots and homemade treats.  Did I mention long rides in "HIS" truck!

Xena joined the search team in 2005. She had been through three obedience training classes with myself, her "Daddy," prior to learning about and joining the team. She took to working with the search team quickly, it was something she and Daddy could do together that we both felt enthusiastic about. She enjoyed the drills immensely and when we were called upon to put the training to work, Xena rose to the occasion like a champ. The repoire we had as we worked on the Latoya Figuearo case was incredible. I worked with Xena off lead alot, she was focused and seemed to read my mind as I pointed and gave very few verbal commands. She knew what we were doing and would clear an area as we searched, showing confidence as she did so. When we actually got a hit on Latoya's trail at her boyfriend's home, she showed her skills, making it very clear we had found the target. Xena was a loving, affectionate dog that examplified the gentleness possible for a Rottweiler that was not raised to be aggressive, but to be kind and caring to the humans and k-9s in her life. An awesome lady, that will hold an eternal place in my heart. With great love and respect, and thankfulness for all she graced my life with, I miss you girl and wait with anticipation of seeing you on the other side.

Doc was an Albino Doberman trained in Live Find Wilderness and Cadaver Search. He had his first "find" during a training day, closing a two year old "cold case" and finally teaching his DAD "TO ALWAYS TRUST YOUR DOG". Sadly, several months later, due to medical problems, K9 Doc had to be euthanized. He is greatly missed by his family and USAR.