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Meet The K-9's
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K9 Falcon hails from San Jose, Costa Rica.  He was donated to USAR by Mrs. Susie Plasse of Hilton Head Island, SC.  K9 Falcon began his SAR career in 2006 and is certified in Live Find Wilderness Search, Cadaver Search and Water Rescue.  When in ocean water, K9 Falcon swims with such speed that he creates his own wake.  He has towed two humans together for 1/4 mile in ocean water.  Once in the water he is difficult to get out because he really enjoys being in the water.  When not working, K9 Falcon enjoys playing with his awesome toy collection, stealing carrots from the fridge, rides in "HIS" truck, tug of war with Dad, and long walks on the beach.

Buddy is about 3 ½ years old.  He was adopted in 2008 from a German Shepherd Dog Rescue.  Buddy is a great companion and I am very lucky to have him.  Although he has not been in SAR training very long, The USAR K9 Director says he shows great potential.  I hope both Buddy and I will have long SAR careers.  When he is not training, Buddy enjoys going to work with his mom and “brother” Davis.


Marshal was born on 1 June 2009 in Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia. He was from a litter of 10 puppies. He chose me to be his mommy. He looked at me, and I looked at him, it was love at first sight. He has his Canine Good Citizen's Certificate, has been obedience trained and has his PAL certification through the American Kennel Club. He has been involved with Search and Rescue since February 2009. He has dual membership with Urban Search and Rescue, as well as, West Virginia K9 Search and Rescue. He is a wonderful companion and I think will be a great Search and Rescue Dog..


K9 Isen Wulf was born in Beaufort County, SC in 2002.  K9 Isen Wulf began his SAR career in September, 2004.  He is certified in Live Find Wilderness Search, Cadaver Search, Trailing, and is training for Water Rescue.  He will start Water Search in 2008.  K9 Isen Wulf, or Wolfie, is a very high energy dog, adept at fun and frolic, and a little mischievousness with his human.  He has been known to open the fridge and make sandwiches.  Wolfie is also an accomplished escape artist, whatever it takes to get his human.  He has successfully trained his human to long walks, frisbee, tennis ball, and general frolic, along with boat rides to Daufuskie Island.  Wolfie resides on Hilton Head Island, SC with his human, living the good life.


Buster was born in Bluffton, S.C. in early 2005 and loved life in the Lowcountry. He began SAR training as a pup and moved quickly to certify in Live Find Wilderness and was beginning work on Cadaver search. His owner and Handler, Vaidus Cephalis passed away suddenly just before Christmas 2005. Buster was devastated by the loss of his best friend and went into retirement, and is now living a good life with a loving family in Montana.


Lucas was born in June 2006. He is a very handsome, strong willed GSD. He is also very smart and knows how to use his nose! He loves to play with his ball and has endless energy. Lucas loves his "brother" Buddy. It is a lot of fun to watch them play.

Fallon was born in January 2011 and she began training at 8 weeks old. Fallon is a fast learner with a quirky personality and absolutely loves to play hide and go seek in the woods with her Mom.When Fallon has free time from being a full-time farm dog and training for SAR she enjoys hanging out with HER horses, going out on the boat, and playing with her two brother's Bert and Sterling.

Sam is a white Lab and was born Feb 2010 in Bluffton, sc.Sam is palyful and protective of his girls, and is a great family dog. He started SAR training at 10 weeks old and has become a very talented air-scent K9. I'm very proud to have Sam as a K9 SAR partner.


K9 Brody was an unexpected find for his Mom in Feb 2011. He is a yellow lab/bloodhound mix from Georgia with a nose that does not leave the ground. Brody's curious and energetic nature makes him a very fast and eager learner. He showed great interest in search and rescue very quickly and it has become his drive. When Brody isn't hard at work, he loves to play fetch...and keep away, go swimming, and be the center of attention. With his instincts and adventurous spirit, Brody is an amazing companion and we both hope to have long careers in SAR.


Dozer was born on July 24, 2010 in Kiev, Ukraine. He showed great potential and interest at his first SAR lesson and is very excited to continue training. He is very curious and fearless; Dozer loves playing hide-and-seak with his older "sis", carrying sticks, and running in the lake. Dozer resides in Bluffton, SC with his four cats and pup Sofie.


Sofie was rescued November 24, 2008, from the Beaufort County Animal Control; the next day she was scheduled to be put down. She was 11 months old, very sad, scared and missing half her hair. Her demeanor changed within a day of being with our family. Sofie is very silly, playfull, protective and super smart; she is good at finding her ball and her friend Lemon, who likes to run away. Sofie started her SAR carreer in November 2010.


Khale was born October 20, 2007 at Castlebrook Shepherds in Remington, IN. Khale is the dog I have learned everything I know about training with. She is one of a kind, and she is a dog that loves what she does. When she's not doing SAR she loves playing frisbee, and will do anything to get a chance to go for a swim!

K9 Otto was adopted from Jasper Animal Rescue Mission under a program where we take unwanted dogs and train them to be SAR K9's. K9 Otto was the first of many and has performed very well. When not working, he enjoys time with K9 Wolfie and his Dad. He really enjoys rides in the SUV.